Benefits of Virtual Memorial Services

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences in life. When you have lost someone you love, all you want to do is to honor and remember them forever. You can do this by having a memorial service on the deceased’s birthday or his death anniversary. Geographic factors such as distance can be a huge hindrance when attending these memorials. Thanks to today’s technology, virtual memorial services are possible. There are a variety of benefits of these services and here are some of them :

Reduces the need to travel. There may be friends and family who live in another country or even continent. Traveling to attend a face to face memorial can take a lot of hours or days. Some relatives and friends may be really busy with work and only get a few hours break, which is not enough time for traveling and everything else. Health can also prevent one from traveling comfortably. If one is super sick, he or she cannot leave the house let alone take a long flight. The sick may also be contagious and you definitely don’t want your whole family to get sick. Old people are weak and traveling could be very tiring and uncomfortable for them. Virtual services can eliminate the need of travel since you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Reduce the memorial service costs. A face to face memorial service can cost a lot of money. There is the expense of paying for staff and equipment required for this event. There are also flowers which can be really expensive. A virtual memorial can also save the attendees money they would have used on renting hotel rooms, buying food and traveling. Overall cost may be reduced by a lot.

Allows a wide range of memories to be shared. In face to face memorial events a lot of people may be unable to attend due to various reasons. In virtual memorials, friends and family of the deceased from all over the world can meet and share their stories of the times spent with the loved one. You may even get to see and hear from someone you haven’t seen in a decade. You can all laugh, miss and mourn the deceased together. This creates an even deeper bond between family and friends.

Allows for unrestricted numbers of attendees . In face to face memorials, the building you use for the memorial can limit the number of people that can attend due to limited space . In virtual memorials however, thousands of people can attend without any problems.

Record memories and preserve them. These memorials create a central platform where loved ones of the deceased can share their memories, which will be recorded and stored digitally. This way you can go back anytime you want and relive the whole event on your phone, tablet or laptop. A person who did not attend the event due to some reasons can watch it later and not miss out completely.

Now that you have known all the above, you can go ahead and look an online Virtual Memorial Park that you and your loved ones can use to hold your deceased’s memorial ceremony.



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